Garuda TV is the first embryo of Indonesia TV Channel in the world. However, it was not commercially viable because the coverage is too small to attract and generate the advertise revenue. It requires a bigger potential viewers. Therefore, we would like to re-structure the Garuda TV as the Main Brand for those who has a lot Indonesian Decedents such as Holland, Middle East, South of Korea and Australia. And the rest of the part of the world is One Asia TV Channel as the main brand to attract bigger potential viewers I.e. Asia Decedents which having double digit population growth in Europe. This Corporate Plan is to briefly explain about the launching of the “One Asia TV Channel”.

Future Plan

1.It is more effective, efficient,  attractive to bigger audience, and more commercially viable.

2.There is no competitor yet as the “Integrated One Asia” TV Channel world widely.

3.Ideally, it would attract Government of each Asia country to participate with our plan because it would create the bound for all Asia as “ONE”

4.Asia Population has reached more than 6 billions people or equally to 2/3 of World Population.

5.Asia People lives in world wide and has the fastest population growth in Europe, USA, Australia and others parts of the world.

6.They brings the social, politic and cultural value to the Native People globally ; and creates magnificent interest to the Native People Globally ; it creates varieties  and more information.

7.The Overseas Asia People feel homesick being home away from their home grown with a great potential value of social, politic, culture and economic strength .

8.Asia has biggest potential economic strength (Biggest Population and Rich of Natural resources) which would create desires globally for more information and news.

1.One Asia TV Channel would invite an Strategic and Alliance Partnership with Government and Private TV Stations in Asia Countries with the first target i.e. Asean Countries, China, India, Korea and Japan.

2.One Asia TV Channel would provide a regular block time for each above mentioned Asia country to broadcast their owned program with Native People Translation or at least English Translation. In this case, they will follow our programs direction/guidance and time schedule.

3.So, it there would be two logos on the screen

4.So, it would create mutually understanding and benefit. We shall get the attractive programs with  competitive costs of acquisition or possible on barter system.

5.The Board should then lobby intensively to  Tourism and Information Dept of Each Targeted Countries.

So, The Programs of One Asia TV Channel shall gradually provides the following main programs :

  • Home Away Programs i.e. covering Asian People happenings/events, Advetorial (business promotion), features, talk show, music, cultural, breaking news, running text and reportage, Life Style, Autobiography of Successful Asia People lives abroad.
  • News ; covering across Asian & Middle Eastern Countries.
  • Documentary Programs such Arts, Culture, Life Style & History.
  • Culinary / Cooking Programs.
  • Tourism /Traveling (Editorial and Advetorial In Cooperation Tourism Dept of A Country).
  • Bali and Beyond.
  • Film / Soap Opera / telenovela.
  • Music Concert / Video Clips
  • Live Events (Music, Talk Show, Dialog etc)
  • Religious Programs
  • Children Programs,
  • Covering Young Programs (life style, creativity, success story etc)
  • Commercial Programs cooperating with Telecommunication / Broadband Internet Operators using SMS, 3G and 4G, Twitter, Facebook (Chatting, Video clips request etc).