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Curug Malela – Si Little Niagara Bandung

Curug Malela – Si Little Niagara Bandung


Have you heard of Curug Malela? This waterfall is often referred to as Little Niagara Bandung. Why is that? Is this waterfall really like Niagara? Let’s see the following information.

About Curug Malela
One of Bandung is still rarely visited. In fact, the beauty of nature in this curug can make anyone amazed. The cause of the lack of visitors to this waterfall is the difficulty of access to travel locations. Characteristic of this one waterfall is a falling waterfall into a separate. This waterfall has five lanes with a height of about 60 to 70 meters.
If you come in the morning around 8 to 9 am, you can see rainbow or katumbiri (in Sundanese) in the body of a waterfall. This is what many people call water trejun this as a rainbow waterfall or Curug Katumbiri. There is also the mneyebutnya as cututg ngeubul or waterfall smoke. This is because the waterfall here gathered and gives a fog and sound effects are quite jarring.

Access To Malela Curug Bandung

Then, how to get to Curug Malela this? Here the author gives some access to one of the most beautiful curug in Bandung.
– If you are in Ciroyom terminal, you can take a bus to Gununghalu. You can travel about 3 to 4 hours.
– If you are in the terminal Leuwipanjang, you can ride the city transportation to Cililin down at the terminal Cililin. From Cililin, you can ride transportation majors Gununghalu or Bunijaya.
– If you are in Padalarang toll road, you can take the city transportation Cimahi, then go down in Cimareme, then up again transport Cililin city, then go up majors Gununghalu.
If you want to visit this sights, you should bring your own vehicle because public transportation to the sights of this one is quite difficult to obtain. In addition, you also have to walk a few kilometers to get to this sights. However, for you nature lovers who want to travel a fun, this place is perfect for you.


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